Méditation chamanique : un voyage à l’intérieur

Shamanic meditation: a journey inside Relaxing shaman music to access the world of spirits. create a strong link between body and mind. Altered states of consciousness, deep meditation. Spiritual guide Healing music Very powerful spiritual energy to manifest results in the physical world Simple shamanic meditation, even for beginners It is similar to the meditation practices of the East Push towards discovery and connection with the higher mind in order to heal the mind and body and gain a better understanding of the self and the world. The difference between shamanistic meditation and the philosophies of oriental meditation is that shamanic meditation seeks to connect with spiritual guides in order to live more fully and openly in physical reality than to transcend physical reality, as is the point Central with practices of oriental meditation. Shamanic meditation does not focus on getting out of the stresses and diseases of everyday life. Instead, he focuses on using a spiritual connection to heal these worldly concerns. new video every week. Please Subscribe

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