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C’est possible ! – vidéo de motivation en français


DECIDE Success is a decision. To get new results you have to become a new person To become a new person you have to live new experiences. It’s a decision. If you want to have results
you must define a first action. TAKE ACTION An inspiring life is created by actions. Each day is a new opportunity to create a
new inspiring day for me and for others. But the key is to find a right action to do now. If you do so everyday, I assure you that your life changes. Do something today to get to the next level. Have faith in yourself Faith is to say:
“I have no idea how it will happen but it will work!” Now your job is to perceive your value
to create value for you and for others. YOU are going to create your inspiring life. One thing’s for sure, it’s that:
if I do nothing to change, nothing will happen. We are proud of ourselves when we are involved. GET INVOLVED YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION! If you do nothing, you already have the failure. To decide is to take an unbreakable decision and say: “I am committed to do whatever it takes to succeed” If you want to build the life you want,
if you want to shape the life that inspires you You must decide it, take your courage and DO IT GO FOR IT To be brave is also to dare to be yourself DARE TO BE YOURSELF It’s to be ready to be rejected for who we are but also to finally be ready to be loved for who we are. Dare to show one’s vulnerability,
Dare to talk about one’s failures, Dare to show us as we are where we are Get involved at 100% No matter what people think
and no matter what people say. Challenge yourself You are extraordinary.
You have a huge potential, within yourself. You are in control of your life. I believe that you are extraordinary,
I believe that you’ve got potential, I believe that you can do magical things,
and you must decide it now. You are unique, you are powerful. Use it. But are you applying it?
I’d like to shake you up! Do you apply? You are responsible of the crap in your life and you are responsible for the magic that you create in your life. If you want to reap, you need to sow. Think about your goals.
Only this. Each morning. I assure you that it makes a difference.
We create what we think about. IT’S IN YOUR HANDS Change the quality of the questions you ask to yourself,
you’ll change your life. Ask the right questions. How would your life be if you had 100 % self-confidence? How would your life be if today you dared doing
what you don’t dare to do usually? How would your life be if you were sure to not fail? What is important for me? What is the price to pay if I don’t take action? How can I create magic from what life
gives me to be proud when I’ll have overcome it? What do I learn from this situation? What can you do today to become a new person? How would your life be if every day
you did something to honor yourself? Do I honor myself by doing that? What can I do today to get results? What makes you vibrate in your life? What do I love in my life? How can you be a source of happiness for people around you? Will I be proud of that at the end of my life? At the end of this video, ask yourself this question: What is the next step? What will make me proud of myself tonight? For me it’s the 1 million dollar question. Celebrate, thank yourself for each small victory I insist Gratitude With the good sunglasses, I love this life Take all your courage to decide to create your inspiring life It’s the courage to be criticized by others Courage that others denigrate me, reject me, leave me, laugh at me It’s the courage to say loud and clear where we’re going
and to get involved It’s the courage to fail in public It’s the courage to talk about one’s dreams It’s the courage to talk about one’s weaknesses Courage to sometimes forget oneself for others
Courage also to forget others for oneself Courage to create the life I am inspired by. The only way you have to fail is that you give up before you succeed. You are a man or a woman who has power
It’s time to unleash it and use it. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE Editing: Julie Bouget
Shooting: David Laroche

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