Devenez extraordinaire – video de motivation en français

It’s crazy how many people have a potential that’s magical and extraordinary In fact I think all the people we often think of as extraordinary are just ordinary people know how to tap into their extraordinary zone… who know how to tap into their inner genius. In fact I think you’re extraordinary too Just think of all those times when you’ve been able to go beyond your normal limits in whatever area of life. And I’m fascinated by that I know that if you’re watching this video there’s magic in you too It’s just that I’ve noticed that most people decide not to give themselves permission to be extraordinary Being extraordinary starts with a decision The decision to tell yourself « YES! I’m extraordinary! Yes there’s magic in me! Yes I’m powerful, I’m strong. I’m a powerful, charismatic man” Or “I’m a magical woman. » As my darling would say, « I’m a lioness » That potential is there in you! That’s the first thing to realise I want to remind you that there’s magic in you and when we begin to realise the magic that’s there in us… what happens? The world changes… People wait for others to tell them that they’re extraordinary That simply doesn’t work. When you take the decision And when you give yourself permission to reveal your magic and potential to the world Others begin to see the magic too Others start to see you as an opportunity and tell you just how extraordinary you are But the crazy thing is you no longer need it because you have given yourself permission to fail, You’ve given yourself permission to be rejected Why? Because you have dreams deep inside you There’s a little flame deep inside you There’s something sleeping within you And in my case, for years I suppressed that I didn’t want to pay attention to that fire That wanted to break out Why? Because I was afraid of what others would say I was afraid of how they’d judge me I used to say « Oh, I hate my life. I’m useless. I’m shy » And so people felt sorry for me! But that has to stop! That’s what’s happening in your life Sorry, all those excuses are just a load of rubbish Why? There’s no excuse If you’re not living the life you want It’s just that You have decided: « I’m the one who created all the shit in my life Today I’m proud to say that I’m the one who created the magic in my life And you can create the magic in your life today You can be proud of yourself You can stand up straight and feel you’ve got something to be proud of I started to be braver Being brave means taking action despite any fears It means saying « I’m scared, but I’m going to do it all the same » And I know deep down in you, you have that courage too Just imagine if it was a question of the life of your children Would you be able to do more? If it was a question of your own life, would you go beyond the usual? If the answer’s yes, then there’s hope Hope means seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel And saying « I can do more with my life » I know that something’s happening in you There’s a creative power There’s the power of imagination Haven’t there been times when you’ve said « I can do that! » I could create that I could say that I could imagine that And then a critical voice said to you: « No, you can’t do that. You don’t deserve that! » What would happen if you allowed yourself today to listen to that voice If you allowed yourself to listen to that imagination? People think that others are more creative than they are But the fact is that creative people are just people who open the channel, who free themselves, who give themselves permission To be rejected, to be humiliated because of their imagination I know there’s magic in you I know there’s potential in you I’ve conducted more than 200 interviews with people who are considered extraordinary but they’re simple, ordinary people It’s just that they said: « Yes, I have the right.” And as Marianne Williamson says: « Often the greatest fear is not of failure… The greatest fear is of revealing your magic to the world The fear of thinking: « What would happen if I really opened up the gates? What would happen?” Sometimes you get the impression that there’s a part of you that wants to break free That wants to do more… to express itself… Just imagine turning off the video right now and doing something you don’t usually do… You’re going to say what you don’t usually say And you’re going to face failure, rejection and humiliation Why? Not to obtain anything, but to allow yourself to become that best version of yourself Because imagination means exactly that: allowing yourself to do what others haven’t done If you give yourself permission to see what you don’t usually see You’re going to begin to imagine, to change. And what does change mean? Changing means taking the chaos around you and creating order Changing means accepting the new problems And creating magic instead of problems Because in fact when you change, what happens? You come face to face with new benefits and new advantages and new responsibilities, but alongside these new responsibilities you come face to face with new problems: high-quality problems and if you don’t succeed, it just means you’re not ready So what I really want to say is: you have everything. It’s all there But the real question is: how long are you going to wait to create the life that inspires you? I’d love to be there. I’d love to tell you: Shit! Create the life that inspires you! I’ve tried doing that but it doesn’t work! The only thing I can say is: how long are you going to have to wait before you give yourself permission to move up to the next level? And it’s not important whether your life is extraordinary or not I know that everyone, including me has a part within us that we don’t want to face and a dark side we don’t want to look at because it frightens us. We’re afraid to say « Yes I’m afraid. » We’re afraid of being vulnerable. We’re afraid of reinventing our lives But how great it is to be there at the right place and to say « Yes I’m changing. Yes, I’m on the way Yes, I’m growing my confidence Yes, I’m teaching myself Yes, I’m brave Yes, I’m committed Yes, I’m doing things for my dreams So stand up straight and walk tall and say « Yes, I’m going to have a magnificent day No matter how much chaos there’s in my life No matter how difficult things are, I’m going to change it all into magic” Spend today as if you’ve been blind and now you can see. Imagine what your day would look like if you’d just got your sight back Go and look at the people you love as if you’d just found them again Just see what happens if you do that What’s going to change if you do that? When you move beyond your fears, your life moves beyond your own limits You give others permission to do the same thing And as Mandela said: « Your mission is to free your light in order to become a source of light for others » There’s magic in you. There’s potential in you The only question now is: how long are you going to take to create that and give yourself permission to make magic? Let’s create a team of magicians in the world And realise that it’s possible for us and it’s possible for you. And that it begins now Subtitles by the community

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